Better Together: My Wish for Fayette County

I once heard somewhere that there’s a better chance of a wish coming true if you make the wish for the betterment of someone else. I don’t know how often wishes come true, but I know there is power in making your positive intentions known. Plus, today is my birthday! If there was ever a time for a wish to come true, it’s on your birthday, so I am sharing my wishes for the community. Will you join me?

I hope our nonprofits continue to grow, strengthen, and serve the community through their missions with renewed vigor and excitement for Fayette County.

I hope that all families with children needing quality, affordable childcare will be able to find the right fit for them so that they can remain in the workforce and get access to early childhood education to develop a strong, educated, resilient community.

I hope that we find new and impactful ways to engage with youth and build a mentorship pipeline to show them what a beautiful life they can build here in Fayette County.

I hope that young professionals see a community of peers ready to welcome them and employers see the value and benefit of developing their Gen Y and Gen Z workforce.

I hope that we respect and appreciate the diversity of our community and continue to do the important work of developing inclusive programs and practices. Fayette County has a wealth of perspectives ready to join us at the table and lend their expertise – let’s make sure everyone is included.

I hope that we see each other as neighbors – even when we don’t live in the same neighborhood – and that we respect one another and share a sense of care for one another. We are strongest when we recognize that we’re all in this together.

Finally, I hope that we find joy and contentment in our community – and that if we can’t find it, we can build it. Together.

These are the things that I’ll be wishing for when I blow out the candles tonight and I have a feeling some are going to come true. My role at the Fayette Community Foundation provides me with a close-up view of the incredible work that’s already being done by our nonprofit organizations, local leaders, and our generous donors. I see them working hard to improve lives right away and also by planting the seeds for a better future down the road, and I hope that the community rallies around them to support their good work. I know I will.

My goal is to make supporting your community more accessible so that current generations can get involved sooner in life and make a big impact – both today and in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, the service opportunities available, or how you and your family can support Fayette County through an endowment, call me at (765) 827-9966 or email info@givetofcf.com. Follow us on Facebook (@FCFConnersville) as well to keep up-to-date with our activities.