Meet our community-minded grantees.

2023 Cycle

Everton Volunteer Fire Department Inc. – $7,000

Everton Volunteer Fire Department Inc was awarded $7,000 to purchase equipment to aid them in swift water/river rescues. 







Higher Praise Worship Center – $15,500

Higher Praise Worship Center was awarded $15,500 to install a cooler add-on for their community food pantry.







Historic Connersville, Inc – $20,000

Historic Connersville, Inc was awarded $20,000 for the restoration of Canal House. 







Hope Center – $6,000

Hope Center was awarded $6,000 to update security at their new facility.








Junior Achievement – $5,000

Junior Achievement Of OKI Partners/Eastern Indiana was awarded $5,000 to help increase career readiness in Fayette County by preparing local partners to teach volunteer-led career readiness classes.







Love Makes Cent Inc – $4,000

Love Makes Cent was awarded $4,000 to assist in providing financial education to Fayette County residents.







Whitewater College Programs – $13,300

Whitewater College Programs Inc/The Link was awarded $13,300 to support the Teen Link’s mental health programing, which will concentrate on reducing teen driving anxiety through group workshops, hands-on driving simulators, and connection sessions with mental health professionals. 







Total Grant Awarded in 2023 Grant Cycle: $70,800

2022 Cycle

The Shelter, Inc. – $10,000

Hotel stays, transportation expenses, fees to receive birth certificates and other documents, and other miscellaneous expenses.







Alquina Blue Arrows Park Inc. – $30,000

Revitalization of the basketball court.







Fayette County Community Voices – $14,000

2023 Outdoor Education Program at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.







Neighborhood Health Center, Fayette County Medical Center – $5,850

Remote patient monitoring kits for high risk patients in Fayette County.









Firefly Children & Family Alliance – $5,000

Emergency aid for Fayette County Families in need.









Connection Cafe – $8,000

The fiscal sponsor for Earned Never Given to purchase new equipment, key fob entry technology, and computer software.







Indiana Audubon Society – $4,100

Interpretive nature trail signage at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.







Interlocal Community Action Program, Inc. – $10,000

Replace the roof on the Fayette County Service Hub building.









Grandview Elementary – $4,500

Purchase an Inch Worm book vending machine.







Hope Center – $10,000

10 week Leaders in Training class.







Total Grant Awards 2022 $102,450

2021 Cycle II

Bentonville Volunteer Fire Department – $30,000

New air packs and bottles that will provide the firefighters and the public that we protect a safer environment to work in and will help the fire department stay in compliance with NFPA and OSHA.

Glenwood Volunteer Fire Department – $13,679.96

Replace firefighter turnout gear and helmets that were starting to become outdated per NFPA standards. Turnout gear provides protection for the firefighters as they enter burning buildings or hazardous situations. Helmets protect the firefighters from falling debris while performing their duties.

NATCO Community Empowerment Center – $1,800

2 poverty simulations in Fayette County that will give participants the opportunity to experience a “month” in
poverty, allowing them to begin to understand the constant problem solving, frustration and challenges of living in the poverty environment.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Department – $9,161

 Accident reconstruction equipment that will consist of a drone, workstation, software, and an ipad. The purpose of the equipment is to speed up the time currently required of the FCSD to reconstruct an accident scene.

Total Grant Awards 2021 Cycle II $54,640.96

2021 Cycle I

Junior Achievement of Eastern Indiana – $3,264

Junior Achievement of Eastern Indiana, with the partnership of the Fayette Community Foundation, will serve 8 classrooms or 200 students by presenting traditional volunteer-led classroom programs and delivering the new JA Virtual Career Exploration Fair for elementary students.


Connersville High School Athletic Department (CHS Gymnastic Team) – $3,264

New uneven bars.


Total Grant Awards 2021 Cycle I $7,404

2020 Cycle II

Fayette County Community Voices – $4,140

Strategic Planning and Road mapping Consulting Services.










Whitewater Career Center – $3,454

Criminal Justice Program Equipment.










Fayette County 911 – $4,500

Fayette County 911 Equipment Upgrade Project.










Creative Steps Learning Center – $10,000

Building and curriculum updates in order to become the first Paths to Quality Level 2, full year/full day child care center in Fayette County.










Alquina Blue Arrows Park – $2,000

Birds, Butterflies, and Bees Habitat; Bluebirds Initial Phase.














Total Grant Awards 2020 Cycle II $21,954

2020 Cycle I

Fayette County School Corporation – $6,200

Online screening tool that measures both risk factors (depression, anxiety, victimization) and protective factors (resiliency, grit, hope) to help counselors better help students.


Our New Friends Program / Central Christian Church – $4,500

Teaching budgeting, banking, self sufficiency, and financial help with utilities and rent,.


Whitewater Career Center – $9,149

4 Lincoln Power Mig Welding Technology program students will become trained and certified and ready for employment.


Whitewater Adult Education – $1,800

Online High School Equivilency learning and pretest.

Total Grant Awards in 2020 Cycle I $21,649

2019 Cycle II

Connersville Band Boosters

Instrument Updates, $5,000

CMS Gardening Club

Greenhouse and supplies for courtyard, $1,500

Fayette County Community Voices

Outdoor Education, $9,250

Everton Volunteer Fire Department

Water tanker repairs, $24,750

Grace United Methodist Food Pantry

Food and other supplies, $4,000

Hope Center

Technology updates, $2,100

Imagine Performing Arts

Oliver! the musical for all ages, $5,725

The Shelter

Bathroom renovations, $6,000

Whitewater Adult Education

Orientation coordinator, $2,500

Total Grant Awards 2019 Cycle II $60,825

2019 Cycle I


Media Resources, $776

Discover Connersville

The Oasis, $10,000

Junior Achievement

Learning materials, $1,500

Masonic Temple

Conditions Assesment, $4,750

The Haven

Van, $10,000

CHS Arts Department

2 Kilns, $6,152

CHS Today

Video Cameras, $28,903

Total Grant Awards in 2019 Cycle I $62,081