Hager Ross HSE Scholarship

The Hager Ross HSE Scholarship provides funds for individuals to take their HSE exam. It also provides for transportation to and from classes and child care during class time if needed.

Every year nearly two hundred adults gear up to take the High School Equivalency “HSE” exam through the Adult Education at the Ivy Tech Connersville Campus.

The Management Intake course is adult oriented, free of charge, and everyone works at their own pace. There are no grades- you will not be competing with anyone else. You are given a pre-HSE test to see where you stand scholastically. This takes only a couple of hours as opposed to the actual test, which takes 7.5 hours. Your instructor will then determine if you are prepared to take the HSE exam or if additional study is required. If you need to study more, we will focus on the areas in which you need help as determined by your pre-test. As soon as the instructor thinks you are ready to take the test they will recommend that you register for the test.

Applicants can apply at any time. To apply contact Amy Engle at aengle@fayette.k12.in.us.