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The Fayette Community Foundation’s mission is to inspire a spirit of philanthropy and leadership in Fayette County to enhance the quality of life. One way we pursue this mission is by offering two regular grant cycles per year which are open to charitable entities in our community. The grants made during these cycles are funded in large part by our Community IMPACT endowed funds. Learn more about these and other permanently endowed funds here.

Interested in applying for a grant $2,500 or less? Instead of going through an entire grant cycle please fill out a mini grant application.

Strong grant applications are those which are grounded in an organization’s mission, align with the Fayette Community Foundation’s funding areas, and are intended to make a positive, lasting impact on the Fayette County community.

The Foundation does not fund the same project or program on an annual basis, and we encourage potential applicants to consider how their projects and proposals will be sustained by other methods once the grant funds are depleted.

Read the following steps to learn about the Fayette Community Foundation’s grant cycle process.

Step 1: Review your organization’s eligibility

Who May Apply?

The Foundation invites all IRS designated charitable organizations including: charitable 501(c)(3) status organizations, schools, churches* and units of government in and serving Fayette County to apply for grants. Organizations ineligible to apply on their own, such as service clubs, neighborhood associations, etc. may partner with one or more eligible organizations to propose collaborative programs. For such programs, the eligible organization will act as fiscal agent and project leader for any funds awarded to the work of the collaborative project. The Fayette Community Foundation does not award grants to individuals.

*Churches and other religious entities are eligible to submit a request for funding as long as the project does not mandate participation in a religious activity as a condition for receiving services.

Step 2: Review your project or program eligibility

Click here to read about the Fayette Community Foundation’s eligible funding areas. This page highlights the types of programs and initiatives most in line with the Foundations mission as well as details of types of requests unable to be funded. We are always happy to speak with you about your proposed project or program. If you are uncertain about your eligibility or would like to talk with us give us a call, send us an email, or stop by the office!

Step 3: Review the timeline

Stay tuned for the 2023 timeline!

Step 4: Read the Application Software User Guide

The Foundation has a brand new application system! Click here for the GOapply User Guide. This guide will take you through the process of creating an account, starting an application, and submitting an application. This is new to all of us so please reach out to Morgan Hamilton at if you have any questions or concerns.

Step 5: Fill out the Letter of Intent or Application

The 2022 Grant Cycle application is closed