Ready to make a bigger IMPACT? Lilly Endowment will match your gift to a Community IMPACT endowment times two!

Your donation to the County Foundation is making a difference. In just two years, we have doubled the amount of grants we have awarded. Your gift is making an impact!

Ready to make a bigger IMPACT? Your tax deductible gift to a Community IMPACT endowment will be matched times two! You give to IMPACT and Lilly Endowment will match it times two.

Thank you to these people that have created an IMPACT endowment. Gifts to the IMPACT endowments are so important. They give the ultimate flexibility to seize opportunities and address unforeseen challenges as they arise. Gifts to the general IMPACT endowment or one of these endowments will seed future initiatives and new opportunities throughout our community.

  • Jackie & Charles Heck

  • Brett & Brook Adams

  • Duane & Patti Keaffaber Family

  • Andy Yaryan Family

  • Jane & Gene Guttman

  • Jean & Leo Risch

  • Jane & Jerry Wilson

  • Bea & John McFarlan

  • Your name can be here

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