Payout Party

It was our pleasure to distribute $130,400 in designated Endowment Grants to local nonprofits at our Payout Party! These Endowments were started to keep organizations we all know and love available to the community. Grantees…
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Memorial Spotlight: Coy Powell

Coy Powell, principal at Eastview Elementary School, was instrumental in creating the Fayette County School Corporation Education Endowment. Through his legacy of helping to create the endowment and generous giving the Education Endowment grants thousands…
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Foundation Scholarship Endowment Awards: Shelby Brown

Shelby Brown, the daughter of Mark and Rosemary Brown, all of Connersville, received the Midge Metz Scholarship, and the Chuck Boulware Memorial Tennis Scholarship, both endowments of the Fayette County Foundation. Both are general scholarships require that applicants…
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Howard Orschell Endowment Funds Local FFA

The Howard Orschell Endowment, a field of interest endowment at the Foundation, recently awarded funds to the CHS FFA to help pay for membership dues.  The endowment was created in memory of Howard Orschell to…
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