10 Things Small Nonprofits Need in Order to Grow

We are fortunate, here in Fayette County, to have a variety of nonprofits supporting many great causes. We have the Connersville Lion’s Club, Whitewater Valley Arts Association, and Discover Connersville just to name a few.…
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Designated Endowment Payouts

It is our pleasure to annually distribute Designated Endowment Grants to local nonprofits! These Endowments were started to keep organizations we all know and love available to the community. We wouldn’t be telling the whole…
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A Guide To Helping Clients with Charitable Endowments

Are you talking to a client that wants to give back to their community? Well, we’ve got you covered in this article about charitable endowments and giving back locally.   There is a special bond that donors share with their hometown. Many…
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Setting Up an Endowed Scholarship Fund

As a Financial Advisor, CPA or Attorney you may have a client interested in setting up an endowed scholarship fund, but is that the best way to give back to their community?  Let’s talk about…
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