Community Impact (Unrestricted) Funds

Allows for flexible grantmaking, providing support for some of the community’s greatest needs.

Anna Dungan Community Impact Fund
Anonymous 2019 Community Impact Endowment
Brad Wilson Memorial Community Impact Fund
Brett and Brook Adams Community Impact Endowment
Class of 1994 Community Impact Endowment
Charles and Jackie Heck Family Community Impact Endowment
Fayette County Community Impact Endowment
Duane and Patti Keaffaber and Family Endowment 
Gene and Jane Guttman Unrestricted Endowment
John and Bea McFarlan Unrestricted Endowment
Juanita Hornsby Community Impact Endowment
Justin and Alexandra (Holliday) Pflug Community Impact Fund
Leo and Jean Risch Unrestricted Fund
Yaryan Family Community Impact Endowment

Field of Interest Funds

Funds are distributed to the most appropriate program within the field designated by the Fund Founder.

Animals, Nature and Wildlife 
Barbara Bowden Endangered Large Mammals Endowment
Fayette County Wildlife Heritage Endowment 
Howard Orschell Agriculture Endowment
Mike Ledford Memorial Endowment (nature and art projects)
Kenneth and Martha Caldwell Endowment (agriculture, science, and conservation projects)
John D. Wilson From the Ground Up

E.R. and Mary Bowden Performing Arts Endowment
Judy (Caldwell) & Bill Flanigan Arts for Everyone
Sue A. and Melvin E. Dice Cultural Fund for Visual and Performing Arts Endowment 

Community Enhancement and Quality of Place
Bill and Nancy Wilson Community Development Endowment 
City Beautification Endowment
Fayette County Festival Endowment 
James R. Herdrich Memorial Beautification Endowment 
Julia Trost Yake Community Beautification Endowment 

Barbara Bowden Early Childhood Education Endowment
Barb Underwood Thornberry and Wendell David Underwood Music Education Endowment
Class of 1951 Education Endowment 
Community Education Fund
Fayette County Education Fund
US Bank Community Education Coalition Endowment
Technology and Science Endowment 

Health, Wellness, and Community Care
Barbara Bowden Battered and Abused Women and Children Endowment 
Ben and Reita Brunsman Embracing Hope/Respecting Diversity Endowment 
Dick and Joanne Guttman Helping Fight Hunger 
Dr. Jack Lockhart Healthy Community Endowment
Lady Bug Endowment
Robert L. Wissel Homeless Endowment 
Ryan and Tina O’Neal  Elderly Care Support Endowment
Theibaud Needy and Homeless
Feeding Children’s Success

Class of 2015 Youth Initiative Endowment 
Country Club Endowment Youth Recreation and Matching Community Grants 
Larry Watkins Golf, Supporting Local Youth Golf Initiatives 
Stant Inc. Endowment (technology and innovation for students)

Designated Funds

Provides grants to specific organizations named by the Fund Founder.

American Magazine Endowment 
Barbara Bowden Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Endowment 
Barbara Bowden Fayette County Museum Endowment 
Barbara Bowden Riley Hospital for Children Endowment 
Bear Creek District Scout Endowment
Brett and Brook Adams Baptist Temple Endowment 
Central Christian Church Endowment
Charles and Lena Haas Ford Memorial Fayette County Historical Museum Fund
Cincinnati Public Radio
Clifford and Vera Long Ayers Memorial Historic Connersville, Inc. 
Clio Foundation Endowment
Connersville Lions Club Major Civic Project Endowment
Connersville Lion’s Club Pavilion Endowment Club Community Service Endowment Fund
The Edgar H. Kearns Fayette County Animal Shelter Fund
Elizabeth Holmes Fayette County Public Library Endowment 
Elizabeth Holmes First United Methodist Church Endowment 
Elizabeth Holmes Historic Connersville, Inc. Endowment 
Fayette Community Council of Ageing and Aged, Inc. Endowment
Fayette County Fair Building and Grounds Endowment
Fourth of July Fireworks
Friends of the Fayette County Public Library
Friends of the Trails Trail Fund
Gene and Jane Guttman Community Free Clinic Endowment
Gene and Jane Guttman Oden, Michigan Community Association Endowment
Gene and Jane Guttman Whitewater Valley Arts Association Endowment
Georgina Williamson Central Christian Church Endowment
Georgina Williamson Fayette County Public Library Endowment 
Georgina Williamson Historic Connersville, Inc. Endowment 
Gettinger Family Union Cemetery Association Endowment 
Gilbert Lambert Family Central Christian Church Endowment 
Gilbert Lambert Family Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary Endowment 
Glenwood United Methodist Church Endowment 
Grotto St. Gabriel Parish Endowment
Hager Sizemore Ross HSE Endowment
Harold and Shirley Christian Children’s Fund (ChildFund International)
Historic Connersville, Inc. Endowment 
Historic Elmhurst, Inc. Endowment
Hope Pregnancy Care Center Endowment 
James and Ruth Pflum St. Gabriel Catholic Church Endowment for Special Projects
J. Edwards Ford Connersville High School Band Fund 
Jerry and Jane Wilson First Presbyterian Church Endowment 
Jerry and Jane Wilson Historic Connersville, Inc. Endowment
Jerry and Jane Wilson Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation, Inc. Endowment
Jim and Jinks Herdrich First United Methodist Church Endowment
Jinks Herdrich Fayette County Girl Scouts Endowment
John and Luella Newkirk Orange North Cemetery Endowment
John and Ann Bernzott City Pool Fund 
John Howard and Patricia Kehl Miller St. Gabriel Catholic School Endowment
The Judge Daniel Lee and Dianne Newman Pflum Family St. Gabriel Catholic School
Kiwanis Club of Connersville Endowment 
Len Bastian Family City Pool Fund 
Mark and Catherine Starr First United Methodist Church Endowment 
Matt Howard Outstanding Achievement Award
Mike and Pat Crowell St. Gabriel Cathloic School Tuition Endowment 
The Paul and Lois Jean Morris Charitable Fund for the Union Cemetery Association
Ralph and Mary Jo Underwood Memorial Fund (FCSC Special Education Department) 
Reihman Academic Endowment 
Richard and Carol Stanley Fayette County Historical Museum Fund 
Rotary Community Service Endowment
Springersville Cemetery Endowment
Sandy Herald St. Gabriel Education Endowment
Soccer Complex Endowment 
St. Gabriel Organ Endowment 
St. Gabriel Parish Endowment 
St. Paul Lutheran Church Endowment 
Tri Kappa Culture and Education in Fayette County Endowment  
Urban and Winkler Family City Pool Fund
Whitewater Valley Railroad Heritage Fund
Whitewater Valley Railroad 
William Henry Saint Gabriel Catholic Church Fund
William H. Yake Fund for Kiwanis 

Donor Advised Funds

Fund Founders are actively involved in an advisory capacity for distributions from this fund.

Andrew J. Thielking Memorial Fund
Gina Turner Memorial Endowment
Herdrich Family Donor Advised Fund
Justin Naylor Addiction Recovery Program Endowment
Louis and Edna Bohlander Family Donor Advised Fund
Teegan Wynn O’Neal Youth Fund

Scholarship Funds

Helps eager individuals reach their academic goals.

Al and Rene Doyle 4-H Buckaroo Scholarship Endowment
Albert and Wilda M. Pearson Scholarship Fund 
Alden and Caroline Rose Scholarship
Alquina School PTO Scholarship  
Andy Thielking Scholarship 
Anna Thompson Memorial Scholarship 
Bill Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles R. Leming Scholarship Fund
Chester C. O’Neal Memorial Scholarship 
Chuck Boulware Tennis Scholarship Endowment 
Class of 1962 Scholarship Endowment 
Connersville High School Class of 1952 Scholarship Fund 
Dale and Kris Thomas Family Scholarship 
Fayette Community Foundation Scholarship
Fayette County 4H Scholarship Fund
Fayette County Free Fair 4H Scholarship Fund 
Fayette County Master Gardeners and Friends Scholarship 
Fayette County Scholars to Mentors to Scholarship
George S. and Cornelia D. (Sinks and Connie) Tatman Scholarship Fund 
Harold and Shirley Reihman Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Harold and Shirley Reihman Registered Nurse Scholarship Fund 
Harrison Lodge #84 IOOF Agricultural Scholarship
Helen Cooper Luckett Scholarship
Henry A. and Jean Zumkeller Positive Attitude Scholarship Fund 
James T. Price Scholarship 
James W. Robertson Scholarship Fund 
John and Harriet Darcy Scholarship Endowment 
Joseph Newkirk First United Methodist Church Scholarship 
Judge George L. Kerrigan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Judy Caldwell and BIll Flanigan Art for Everyone Scholarship Endowment 
Ken Rowe Memorial Scholarship
Lewis Memorial Scholarship
Lucille A. McIntyre Registered Nursing Scholarship 
Marion Hobbs Moore Education Scholarship Fund 
Meeks Scholarship 
Merle and Wilma Studt Service Scholarship Fund 
Midge Metz Scholarship
Nicole Riggs Simpson Scholarship Endowment 
Orange Elementary School PTO Scholarship 
Purdue Club Scholarship
R.L. “Dock” Haley Memorial Scholarship 
Robert L. Joy Scholarship Fund 
The Walter L. Reed and Margaret I. Reed Scholarship
Thomas L. Tarvin Family Scholarship 
Wanda Jeffries Memorial Scholarship
William (Bill) and Phyllis Morgan Family Scholarship 
William A. Rogers Scholarship Endowment 
Winifred Risley Lambert Nursing Scholarship

Community Foundation Operations Funds

Provides necessary support for the operation of the Foundation.

Bruce and Barbara Bowden Fayette County Foundation Building Endowment
Bruce Bowden Operations Endowment
Fayette County Foundation Operations Endowment (273)
Fayette County Foundation Operations Endowment (201)
Fayette County Foundation Operating Reserve Fund
First Merchants Fayette County Foundation Operations Endowment
Gene and Jane Guttman Fayette County Foundation Operations Endowment
Jerry and Jane Wilson Administrative Endowment 
John W. Alexander, Attorney, Operations Endowment Fund
Union County National Bank Operations Endowment


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