Grant Recipient Media Kit

Congratulations on your grant from the Fayette Community Foundation!

Now that you have received your grant, we are providing you with a media kit to help your project grow and reach a larger audience.

Telling your story helps tell our story. Fayette Community Foundation is interested in sharing your story. We would love to feature stories of our grantees through our social media and website. Stories like yours help communicate to donors and community members the importance of donating.


Please acknowledge the Fayette Community Foundation’s support with our name and logo in publications, programs, and signage for any event or presentation funded that received grant funding. Please always use our full name – Fayette Community Foundation – when referring to the foundation. When possible, please include the written acknowledgment below:

This grant was made possible by the Fayette Community Foundation.


This project was funded (or partly funded) by a grant from the Fayette Community Foundation.

Logo Use

  • There are three logo versions – color, black & white, and white. Use whichever best fits your publication. Download the logos. (If you need help, please contact us at
  • Place your logo upright and do not alter in anyway i.e. changing color, sizing, or animation of logo.
  • We encourage you to use the Fayette Community Foundation logo where suitable.
  • Suitable places include, but is not limited to: newspaper ads, TV ads, newsletters, brochures, websites, and social media channels.

Social Media

Facebook (Fayette Community Foundation – Connersville)

  • Like the Fayette Community Foundation page and we’ll like your page.
  • Mention @FCFConnersville in any grant related posts, photos, and events.

Instagram (fayettecommunityfoundation)

  • Follow the Fayette Community Foundation page and we’ll follow you back.
  • Mention @fayettecommunityfoundation in any grant related photos.

Our Name and Organization Description

Please use “Fayette Community Foundation” when referring to the organization. When including a description please use the following: “The Fayette Community Foundation was founded in 1986. They inspire a spirit of philanthropy in Fayette County by enhancing the quality of life through impactful grantmaking, strategic endowment building, and community leadership.

Photo Opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities to capture and share appealing images. The Fayette Community Foundation likes to feature grant recipients in our printed publications as well as on our website and social media platforms. Please share your photos with us by emailing them to

Video of Programs

At times, we like capturing videos of programs we fund. If you are hosting events connected to something we funded, or if there is a good time to observe your program in action, please contact Becky Turney at


For more information, please contact us.