Foundation Scholarship Endowment Awards: Shelby Brown

Shelby Brown, the daughter of Mark and Rosemary Brown, all of Connersville, received the Midge Metz Scholarshipand the Chuck Boulware Memorial Tennis Scholarship, both endowments of the Fayette County Foundation. Both are general scholarships require that applicants have at least a 3.0 GPA, are be a graduating senior of Connersville High School.  To receive the Boulware Scholarship, applicants must have been members of the tennis team for at least two years.

Midge Metz Scholarship was established in 2013 in memory of Midge by her husband Vaughn.  Vaughn and Midge had two children, Kristin and Derek, who now live in Cincinnati and New York, respectively.  Midge enjoyed traveling, especially on Alaskan cruises.



Chuck Boulware Memorial Tennis Scholarship, established in 2007 by his wife Karen (Lippencott), aims to aid students attending college who have participated on the tennis team for at least two years.



Shelby Brown is now attending Butler University where she intends to major in pharmacy.  Shelby was ranked 4th in her graduating class at CHS where was also an active athlete.  For her entire high school career Shelby participated on both the volleyball and tennis teams, where she recognized as a MVP and best mental attitude. “I have been always good in my science classes, so I believe that pharmacy is the perfect job for me. I believe that when I become a pharmacist, I can help change our community for the better,” Shelby said. “My goal of becoming a pharmacist will help our community because I intend to stay in Connersville or in the surrounding area. I will be able to give medicine to people who need it and educate those people how to use the drugs properly without causing harm to themselves.  I just want to give back to the community that I grew up in.”

This year the Foundation awarded 34 scholarships to 19 students with $100,337 in tuition funds awarded.

Congratulations, Shelby!