Celebrate the Holidays Through Giving

Have you noticed the hot cocoa art on our front window at the Foundation office? It’s not just holiday décor: it’s a community art project, and we need your help to complete it! You see, hot…
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Connecting Clients to Community Projects

We know that professional advisors want the best for their clients, including connecting them to projects that will honor their legacy. While philanthropic giving is only a portion of a client’s investment portfolio, it doesn’t…
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You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airplane, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “In the unlikely event that we lose cabin pressure…”. Then, the flight attendants demonstrate how to use the oxygen masks that drop from the…
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Community Care Starts Within

We all know those people who give everything to the community, and you might be one of them. They donate money, volunteer regularly, attend every event to show support, sit on various local boards, and…
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