Connecting Clients to Community Projects

Community Projects

We know that professional advisors want the best for their clients, including connecting them to projects that will honor their legacy. While philanthropic giving is only a portion of a client’s investment portfolio, it doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Your clients who are donors and supporters of Fayette County have a deep connection to the community. They want their funding to make a difference in the lives of people in their community.   

Their deep connection to Fayette County doesn’t always mean they know exactly where they want funds to go. As their advisor, it is crucial that you know about all the current and upcoming projects in the community so you can help connect them to projects aligned with their interests. Fayette County is buzzing with new and current projects that are just waiting for the support of new donors. As a result, it doesn’t matter what your client is passionate about; there is something for everyone!

If your client wants to make a long-term investment, learn more about charitable investments. Fayette Community Foundation has many endowments that could connect to your clients’ passions while making a continuous impact on the community. However, while we are passionate about our charitable investment options there are many worthy projects happening right now in the community. If your client would like to make a one-time donation, they should contact the organization running those projects directly.   

Restoring The Health of Fayette County 

If your client is passionate about the community’s health, one major project that your client could support would be the restoration of the J. Long 2nd Street Memorial Park. Restoring this park will give families a safe place to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. The completion of this project will bring Fayette County one step closer to being a healthier community. Additionally, there is significant momentum behind this project. Many nonprofits, residents, and businesses are working together to ensure this park restoration is completed. The Fayette Community Foundation has only been a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to community support. However, any additional support is welcome. While financial contributions do not go through the Foundation, we are supportive of all initiatives that will bring positive change to Fayette County. Learn more about the J. Long Memorial Park Restoration project.    

Providing Educational Support 

If your client is passionate about Connersville High School students furthering their education, they could contribute to one of our 49 established scholarship funds. For more information about the criteria and available scholarships, check out our scholarships page. If your client is interested in contributing to a scholarship or discussing establishing a scholarship, please contact us.    

The Power of Endowment Funds 

Additionally, one of the best ways to connect your client to the community through their passion would be to suggest a contribution to an endowment. Endowments allow organizations to impact the community over many years through annual payouts. For more information about the difference between endowments and grants, click here. These endowment funds help support many of the community projects happening every year. The Fayette Community Foundation has a plethora of endowments in different categories that your client could contribute to, including:  

  • Animal and Wildlife  
  • Arts
  • Community Projects
  • Education (Not Scholarships Based)
  • Early Childhood Literacy
  • Faith-Based
  • Family Funds
  • Health, Wellness and Recreation
  • Organizations
  • Preservation
  • Social Service
  • Scholarships  

Each of these categories has multiple endowments that your client could contribute to, making it easy for you to help your client connect their passion to the community without having to establish a brand new fund. For an extensive list of our endowments, click here. Learn more about the different types of endowments. 

Making a Community IMPACT 

If your client is unsure how to give back to the community but wants to support big ideas through grantmaking, the Community IMPACT fund may be a great fit.  The Community IMPACT fund is an asset to the entire community because it enables the Foundation to allocate funds through grant cycles to organizations that need them to enact positive change. The flexibility is what gives the IMPACT fund the ability to make a long-standing impact that is unhindered by time. Instead of matching your client to community projects, provide them with an option that has a flexible and adaptable impact on Fayette County. Learn more about the Community IMPACT fund. 

Creating an Everlasting Legacy 

Many philanthropic donors are looking to create a legacy that impacts the community long after they have passed on. If your client is interested in solidifying their legacy in Fayette County, the Fayette Community Foundation is the first place they should consider. By establishing an endowed fund, their generous gifts are not just one-time donations that go toward a singular project. Instead, their funds are invested, and their payout continues to impact the community for generations, growing larger every year. At the Fayette Community Foundation, we are always happy to talk with anyone interested in contributing or eager to learn more about our organization. Get in contact with us! 

Get More Information   

If you are looking for more information about the Fayette Community Foundation and how you can best support your clients, check out our blog. We have dedicated blogs to help our local professional advisors. If you want to stay updated with everything happening at the Fayette Community Foundation, sign up for our professional advisor newsletter.