Benefits of Recurring Giving

At the Fayette Community Foundation, we understand that it is essential to grow and evolve. Each generation brings different values and goals. In the past mail-in donations were how people often chose to donate, sometimes…
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Community IMPACT Fund

How much do you know about our Community IMPACT fund? Many people think that this is just a typical fund that pays out money each year to recipients, but the Community IMPACT fund does so much more…
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How Endowments Work

You may already know that our donors love Fayette County and all the people here that make us special. They’ve generously donated so that our community can thrive for generations to come. There are two…
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Designated Payouts vs. Grant Cycles

The different philanthropic options can sometimes be confusing. If your clients do not have prior knowledge of endowments, they may not know about the differences between designated payouts and grant cycles. We have had many people who get the two mixed…
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